Steve Lacey Software Engineer Resumé

Software Engineer with 15+ years experience writing PHP, Ruby & Python, I specialize in building web apps using frameworks like Laravel, Rails, React and Vue.js.

I work remotely with teams to build appropriate, elegant and reliable solutions to complex problems – helping global companies, start-ups and web agencies reach business goals with technology, on-budget, on-time.


Software Engineer at

Remote · 2021 – Present · Vue.js, PHP, Python, Django helps world-class engineering teams hire the world’s most sought-after freelance engineers at a moment’s notice. I work on the web app and on the platform.

Consultant at Law School Transparency

Remote · 2020 – Present · Laravel, Vue.js, PHP

Law School Transparency is an award-winning 501(c)(3) non-profit that does consumer advocacy and public education about the legal profession. I worked with their Executive Director to get their rebuild over the finish line and continue to lead their technical team.

Software Engineer at Open Up Music

Remote · 2017 – Present · Laravel, Vue.js, PHP

Open Up Music support Music Education Hubs, arts organisations and schools to create orchestras that are accessible to young disabled people. I built the Open Orchestras Laravel app, and the Django API that powers The Clarion.

Cloud Platform Lead at Enjin

Remote · 2019 – 2020 · Laravel, GraphQL, Vue.js, PHP

Enjin build a suite of blockchain products that enable game developers to easily create, manage, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. I rebuilt their GraphQL API, PHPUnit test suite and Vue.js frontend.

Software Engineer at Tapmydata

Remote · 2018 – 2019 · Laravel, Vue.js, PHP

Tap makes it simple to see what personal data organisations hold about you, and then act on it. I built out their web app, api and end-to-end encryption using tech like Sodium, Stellar, Laravel and Vue.

Platform Lead at Hanzo

Remote · 2014 – 2016 · Python, Django

Hanzo specialize in cutting edge web archiving technology. I built their web app and API, and implemented new crawling strategies, playback methods, change analysis and differential comparison tools.

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Steve has an innate technical ability which is given further strength by his level of experience and general desire to do a good job. I have enjoyed working with Steve over and above many others because of his ability to gauge when a problem needs to be solved right and when a problem needs to be solved quickly. He always strives to do an excellent job regardless and makes the right engineering decisions. He learns new technology at an exceptional rate and is often the go to person to solve a technical challenge. As a team player, Steve appears equally happy to integrate with an existing team and role his sleeves up directly working on a project, help mentor less experienced developers, or lead a project as a technical oversight. I have always been happy taking Steve in to customer meetings safe in the knowledge that he will answer questions in a composed and accurate manner whilst not being afraid to give his opinion on technical issues. Steve is well liked and highly respected by his colleagues from all areas of the business. I will miss working with Steve and am confident in recommending him for any technical position.

Tom Holder, Technical Director at Simpleweb
Tom Holder Technical Director at Simpleweb

Steve is an experienced, high-performing developer. He was able to laser-focus on certain architectural issues in our v1 codebase and was not afraid of the difficult work needed to do a refactor. We brought him onto our team to improve our complex blockchain API codebase that depended on a lot of different separate applications. He was quickly able to understand the entire project's architecture and improve what we had. Steve was diligent with code reviews & pull requests and constantly encouraged us to improve our own internal processes. His commits were frequent and he was able to resolve a ton of bugs and lay the groundwork for our v2 backend. He definitely doesn't mince words and will tell you outright if there's a better way to do things. I would highly recommend working with Steve!

Witek Radomski, Enjin CTO
Witek Radomski Enjin CTO

Steve is an accomplished developer. He understands good software architecture, a range of coding languages and he is efficient too. My recent project required a REST API and a web-based admin control panel. Steve actually helped improve my specification by suggesting a better and more standards-compliant way of handling API authentication. He is also rare in being able to estimate well and delivered my project both on time and on budget.

Paul Masri-Stone, Open Up Music
Paul Masri-Stone Open Up Music

Steve's been a strong contributor to our product software giving excellent advice and guiding our design to ensure a that we give our customers a good user experience. His coding has been top notch and he’s helped manage other team members to ensure that all aspects of the delivery have been what we need.

Mark Williamson, Hanzo CTO
Mark Williamson Hanzo CTO

I worked with Steve for 4 years at Wired Media. I've always found Steve to be loyal, punctual, professional and commercially minded. His work is of a very high standard and Steve continually strived to learn and try new technologies. I found Steve to be a model employee and a pleasure to know and work with.

Tom Beasley, Founder & MD of Wired Media
Tom Beasley Founder & MD of Wired Media

Steve is a highly skilled and conscientious developer with a great understanding of the web and the technologies that underpin it. He listens and takes time to understand (and occasionally question!) a client's needs and then reliably produces work of a high standard within agreed timeframes and budgets.

If you need a developer I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steve.

Ben Lumley, Lead Developer at Wired Media
Ben Lumley Lead Developer at Wired Media