AWS projects

15 projects, 10 years helps world-class engineering teams hire the world’s most sought-after freelance engineers at a moment’s notice. I worked on their Django/Vue web app and as a freelancer on the platform.

Enjin Cloud

Enjin build a suite of user-first blockchain products that enable game developers to easily create, manage, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. I worked on their Laravel + Vue SPA and GraphQL APIs.

Open Orchestras

Open Up Music support Music Education Hubs, arts organisations and schools to create orchestras that are accessible to young disabled people. I built the Open Orchestras Laravel app, and the Django API that powers The Clarion.


Tap makes it simple to see what personal data organisations hold about you, and then act on it.


Hanzo: Defensible standards-based web and social media archiving.


Coworkations helps you find the remote working community that is right for you.


Zilly helps property owners manage rentals from anywhere.


Rusic is a platform for social campaigns for customers and employees, in minutes, that scale.

Nutrition Centre

Symfony2 ecommerce build for Nutrition Centre, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements store.

Fleur of England

Symfony2 ecommerce build for Fleur of England, luxury lingerie design house.


For your complete learning and teaching of British Sign Language.

Moltin Payments Microservice

Moltin wanted payment gateway parity with Shopify. I helped them build out a Rails microservice that wrapped up ActiveMerchant into an internal REST API for consumption by their PHP backends.