2021 – 2023


I've had the pleasure of working alongside Steve for a few years, and I found Steve to be one of the most thoughtful developers I've ever worked with - he's opinionated, diligent, and incredibly passionate about his craft. One of the mythical 10x!

Teja Yenamandra, Co-Founder & CEO at
Teja Yenamandra Co-Founder & CEO at

Steve was a key member of our engineering team at and was a critical player in helping guide architectural decisions, our core engineering tenets, and code standards for the entire team. He's clearly a talented programmer, with the fluency across multiple languages and frameworks to bring instant value to a huge spectrum pf projects. But Steve also pairs his technical talent with a keen sense of business value, a knack for efficiency and innovation, and the ability to reliably work independently. Highly recommended.

Grey Garner, VP of Product at
Grey Garner VP of Product at