Law School Transparency

2020 – 2024
Law School Transparency helps prelaw students make strategic choices about where to attend law school. I lead the Product & Engineering team and consult on various strategies at LSAC.


Steve and I have worked for nearly four years together. As technical lead, he took a great set of websites, integrated them, and brought them to a completely different level – from how the sites are engineered and architected to the UI/UX and SEO. I trusted him to look at the big picture of what we were trying to achieve and solve problems with that understanding. With Steve, you get a partner. He’s part product manager, part solutions architect, and part full-stack engineer – and excels at each. His vast experience across different technical disciplines and organizations shines through. He pushes back when appropriate, concedes when appropriate, and leaves projects significantly better than when he started. He is also great at spotting and developing talent. I watched him firsthand coach a junior developer from someone with promise to someone who did truly excellent work.

Kyle McEntee, Senior Director for Prelaw Engagement at LSAC
Kyle McEntee Senior Director for Prelaw Engagement at LSAC

Steve is your one-man team - jack of all trades, master of.. all trades. I've learned so much working for him, from design to frontend development, backend and making decisions by myself to push the business forward.

He has high standards, and will tell you upfront if something's not right. It's challenging to meet those standards, but the product and everyone he works with is better for it. If you have a chance to work with him, don't miss it!

Trisha Lim, Frontend Engineer
Trisha Lim Frontend Engineer