I build web applications at Simpleweb, mostly using Ruby, Python, PHP & JavaScript — tackling challenges such as scaling large systems, designing API and database architecture and engineering simple solutions to complex problems.

* I'm a dab hand at frontend dev, wireframing & UX too, just don't ask me to draw you anything



I use a lot of technologies on a daily basis, a few of which include:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Symfony2
  • Python
  • Django
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Silex
  • Composer
  • PHP
  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Memcached
  • Solr
  • ElasticSearch
  • Gulp
  • SASS
  • jQuery
  • CoffeeScript
  • Jekyll
  • WebSockets
  • Titanium
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Linode
  • Heroku
  • Git
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Varnish
  • Nginx
  • Linux
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Vagrant

Standards & methodologies

I am passionate about accessibility, consistency, interoperability and readability. I subscribe to a number of doctrines on the topics, a few of which include:


  • – present (2 years) Software Engineer

    Ruby, Python, PHP & JavaScript developer, specialising in Rails, Symfony2 & Django development, leading various projects, strategies and sysops.

  • (2 years) PHPSW Organiser

    PHP User Group that meets 2nd Wednesday of every month, in Bristol, with speakers talking about PHP and related technologies.

  • & Rails Girls Coach

    Rails Girls is a global, non-profit volunteer community, whose aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas.

  • 2013
  • As technical lead, responsible for leading various strategies revolving around deployment process, QA, recruitment, sysops with Puppet and building a Symfony2-based ecommerce system.

  • Amongst other things, leading strategies such as Capistrano-based deployment, WordPress build processes featuring Composer, moving into Symfony2 framework development and building a website for teaching sign language.

  • 2010
  • Graduated with first-class honours and built a social events directory similar to Lanyrd.

  • Voted in as student rep for the final year of the Web Design course, acting as the voice of the other students and sitting in on various departmental meetings.

  • Placement year, gaining experience with OOPHP, the in-house CMS, PHP frameworks (e.g. Symfony1), database architecture and sysops, for full ecommerce solutions as well as highly scalable bespoke websites and applications, including a high traffic news site.

  • 2009
  • During my second year studying at UWE I ran semi-weekly one hour sessions for first year students covering frontend development and PHP for database and API interactions.

  • 2 years Student

    Started at the University of the West of England, enrolling on BSc (Hons) Web Design. See http://uwe.steve.ly.

  • 2007


A lot of my work is NDA'd these days, but some of things I've worked on previously include:


I worked with Steve for 4 years at Wired Media. I've always found Steve to be loyal, punctual, professional and commercially minded. His work is of a very high standard and Steve continually strived to learn and try new technologies. I found Steve to be a model employee and a pleasure to know and work with.

Wired Media Tom Beasley, Wired Media CEO

An inspiration to both his teachers and classmates, Steve gets the web, and the concepts of building applications that make best use of the networked, data-driven aspects of the internet, an asset to any company that he works for.

Dan Dixon Dan Dixon, UWE Course Leader

Great to work with - Steve relates well to people, not just technology.

UWE Paul Hulbert, UWE Lecturer

We're proud to have Steve on our scheme as he's shown committment, responsibility and pro-activity. No doubt he'll be an invaluable asset to any organisation.

UWE Fiorella Bettin, UWE PAL Scheme

Steve's a thoughtful and patient teacher, he provided a fantastic quality of support for students on the course and was always dependable. It's great to see that someone with such a large amount of technical knowledge is so keen to share it with others.

Carl Wood Carl Wood, UWE Student

After hours

Outside of the office you'll often find me on a badminton court, in the pub, or at a meetup.

I am pretty into, ales, coffee and snooker, and every now and again I like to throw myself down snow-topped mountains, sometimes, gracefully.