Muffin Recipes

This is a website that I created for assignment 1 of the 'Web Design Principles' module. I was given a template and told to redesign it to look like an image that was provided. It was also part of the assessment to embed an RSS feed using AJAX. For additional marks we were asked to be 'creative and innovative' when redesigning the homepage, I did this by including use of the Flickr API to retrieve recently uploaded photos tagged with 'muffins'.

Built at

UWE Bristol


An inspiration to both his teachers and classmates, Steve gets the web, and the concepts of building applications that make best use of the networked, data-driven aspects of the internet, an asset to any company that he works for.

Dan Dixon, UWE Course Leader
Dan Dixon UWE Course Leader

Great to work with - Steve relates well to people, not just technology.

Paul Hulbert, UWE Lecturer
Paul Hulbert UWE Lecturer