As well as working as a Peer Assisted Learning Leader at UWE I've also recently been helping out with their website. The work I've done consists of implementing an application process used for recruiting new PAL Leaders and allowing students to evaluate their PAL Leader(s) via a form on the website, replacing the previous paper-based systems. This work consisted of writing both front and back-end coding, designed to integrate well with the existing UWE SSI based system, also any page I needed to work on I upgraded to XHTML Strict coding and modified the layout to a proper fluid design.


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UWE Bristol


We're proud to have Steve on our scheme as he's shown commitment, responsibility and pro-activity. No doubt he'll be an invaluable asset to any organisation.

Fiorella Bettin, UWE PAL Scheme
Fiorella Bettin UWE PAL Scheme

Steve proved to be an excellent role model for me in the web industry. He is a passionate, generous person, willing to patiently help and teach others. He pioneered PAL in the Web Design degree, setting the standard for years to come. I was able to benefit from his advice and experience when I later took up the role. Steve went out of his way to help others, initiating a series of workshops to cover content he felt would be beneficial to first and second year students in the web design degree and related courses.

Rose Nichols, UWE Student & PAL Leader
Rose Nichols UWE Student & PAL Leader