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This is the first commercial website I've setup following standard code compliance with a profitable purpose. Easy Freebie distributes free gifts based on offer completions done by the user and users that he/she refers to the site via their unique URL. The main domain homepage is a portal to all other Easy Freebie sites found on the subdomains, there is also a brief 'About' page and a Winner's Gallery, which shows user submitted photos of themselves and the free gifts they have earned.

There are many sub-sites of Easy Freebie aimed at distributing different gifts. They're all based on the same basic referral site template I designed with slight modifications to the order process and obvious graphic changes throughout. The site functions thanks to a complex database design which I created logging all information coming in and out of the site. The popular affiliate advertising website 'TradeDoubler' is the backbone to Easy Freebie's success. They link my users and the offer completions they do together, and the advanced 'AutoCredit' script I wrote for the site that runs every 15 minutes grabs data from TradeDoubler (via cURL XML download) about activity across the network.


  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL